Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to take purikura。◕‿◕。^_^

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Hello everyone~! Miki desu~(*^▽^)/

I'm here to share about Purikura. In Singapore, we often refer to it as neoprints^^ Often, in Japan they are referred as Print clubs and are super popular among high school girls. Popteen models like Kumicky, Hikari, Mizukitty have endorsed these machines and they are very popular in Japan because of their kawaii factor.☆ Not only that, they provide beautifying functions that include- slimming your face,lengthening your legs, eye enlargement etc~!

interior of a neoprint shop w/ rilakkuma^^ so pink! >.<

I know for most of you , taking purikura is quite stressful because of how fast the whole process is *_*

It takes around 3-5 minutes to take one and the phototaking is only 2 mins! so it means 6 shots in 2 mins!

Here are some helpful tips i hope will help you guys to make the experience more fun~! hehehe.

How to take purikura 101 by Miki(*≧▽≦)

1. Exchange your coins into Japanese yen.Some machines accept singapore dollars but some needs to be changed to japanese yen at the counter. (you dont want to jam the machines)

2. Safety tip* always keep your belongings close to you and out of the picture.

Clothing tip* Dont wear clothes similar to the green background colour or else the background will be printed on you >W<

3. Slot in the coins and start selecting the functions! *Note: they have only 10s for each section so be quick! Or else the machine will choose random backgrounds for you.

Beauty Tip* For girls with boyfriends, select no enlargement to the eye. Big eyes look strange on guys.O_O

4.Start posing~! often, we dont know what to pose so you can just follow the sample picture given on the screen^^

5.After that, move over to the decoration booth and your pictures will appear after a while (1 minute) If you dont see them, its probably on the other side:3

6. Select the size of your photos~! select the BIG function as recommended.Start decorating:)

7. Click end when you finish and wait for the printout

8. You're done~!♪\(⌒▽⌒)/

I hope this has been useful^^ Images are from tumblr.




  1. Hello^^ may I know where in Singapore are the neoprint booths? ^w^

    1. You can find a few of them in *SCAPE.