Sunday, May 18, 2014

[UPDATED] May’n DOTS & LINES Live in Singapore! (o◕ฺω◕ฺ)♦♫⁺♦

Hello everyone! Miki here~~~ 

Recently  I was invited to Mayn’s press conference by SOZO Entertainment as a Cutepop writer! :*:・(*´ω`pq゛ I went with Eleanor~!

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 Brief background of May’n! 

★May Nakabayashi (中林 芽依 )
★Born October 21, 1989
★She sings various theme songs for anime, like being the voice of Sheryl Nome in Macross F frontier where all her fans are familiar with 

One of her songs:

~ Chase the world ~

I really loved her cover of God Knows, her voice is so powerful for someone so petite^^ 

Here is the video♪

Her newest album is "Kyo ni Koiro" (今日に恋色Today in Color of Love) 

We began our interview for her!! She’s so cute in person, totally goddess like *fangirl* 

Q & A (質問) with MAY'N!(*∩ω∩)

1. What is your number one favourite food in Singapore?

May'n : My number one favourite food is roti prata♪ Especially banana prata (笑)

2. How do you find Singapore?

May'n: I like the delicious food, beautiful and clean streets♪ 
Also, as Singapore is the starting point for my career,  it is therefore close to my heart. I feel very calm every time when I come back here because it 's somewhere that I'm familiar with.

3. Out of all the songs you sing, which is your favourite song? Why?

May'n : It would be the song “Diamond Crevasse.” The song represents myself, so it's very important to me

4. When you have free time, what do you usually do?

May'n: I enjoy conversations in English and also going to the gym (笑)

5. When you are a singer, what are some things that you are grateful for?

May'n: I am grateful for having the chance to encounter new fans when singing and also to sing. Recently, rather than singing alone on stage, I felt that it was fun to sing together with my fans
(o^ ^o) /

6. What can we look forward to with regards to your future music plans?

May'n: Because I’m reaching my 10th anniversary, I wish to take on more challenges in new areas of my singing career. I have always had a cool image so I will like to try to change my image  into a more cutesy image (As seen in her latest album) , not just experimenting in different genres but more of expanding out in my singing career

7. What would you like to say to your fans?

May'n: I’m happy to come back to Singapore for a solo live concert after quite some time. I will do my best to come back soon to meet everyone again (^///^)


Goddess でしょう?♡(◕ฺ ▿ฺ ◕ฺ)

I got to take a photo with May’n! ❤(◕‿◕✿) *blissful face* Look at May'n's smile(つ´,,・ω・,,`)つ


After the press conference, Eleanor and I went to macs to chill because the doors opened at 6.30pm!

At Macdonalds!

My LOTD :3


When we reached there, wow there were so many  fans!
Fans (mostly male) were already lining up outside TAB~

Got out wristbands~ Super excited to go in!

Only snapped this shot because no photography was allowed. We managed to get a good side view spot cause we queued early ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

[updated] Official pictures from the concert by SOZO:

We had so much fun!! May'n was so full of energy and all her songs are so catchy!!

She was so cute that she took time to talk to fans in between her songs

Asking things like what food she should try etc.

Food like tau huey, chendol, were thrown out by the fans ;3

Everyone were waving their lightsticks and singing along with May'n ! She also sang songs from her newest 

album "Kyo ni Koiro" (今日に恋色, Today in Color of Love) 

Also songs like「私のしるし」Watashi no shirushi (my favourite! xD ), Lose my illusions etc.

Here's a preview of her album:

She also took her time to thank each and every single one of her fans in each sections by saying Arigatou so many times! so touched n.n  ♥;(●^3^●メσ)

We really enjoyed the concert!

Thank you very much SOZO Entertainment for bringing May'n and also Cutepop for the opportunity!! ^^

Lets hope May'n will come again for AFA this year! ;3