Sunday, October 25, 2015

My disastrous hair experience ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Hi everyone!

Just a post about my recent disastrous fringe cut at AVENTA hair salon ><

I'm super super particular of my fringe especially because if my fringe becomes too short, I will look really weird>< had really bad experiences in the past and it was just.... @.@ So I always feel stressed when I go to new hair salons cause of the bad experiences I had. 

Disclaimer: these are purely my own opinions and experience.

So, my fringe have grown long and I decided to cut it. Being lazy, (yes regretted being lazy), I went to a different stylist then my usual stylist. I figured out that it couldn't go wrong cause the Japanese hair stylists I have went to so far were decent.

Cutting process:

I showed the hairstylist a photo of the fringe style I want(previously I had it cut exactly the same in Japan and it went exactly what I wanted) The hair stylists took my face shape into consideration before cutting it.

However, for this hair stylist, not only did she not take this into a consideration, they style turned out totally different from what I expected. It was literally a bowl cut>< and the fringe looked super stiff and unnatural. not to mention she chopped off the sides which I have painstakingly attempted to grow and the fringe just became rigid and weird looking. I was so shocked that I was speechless for a moment and just left the salon quickly T.T

One thing I noticed is the lack of attention given when she was cutting my hair>.< while the usual salon I went to, the guy is always very very careful and I can tell that he put in the effort when cutting my hair (ie. trying to create the best style as possible) But for this, it was just some light snips that seem to lack technique.. *_*

There were also some uneven strands of hair sticking out >.< for the price, it is definitely not worth it.

So just a reminder for you guys to go to a trusted hair stylist~ :3 Dont be like me who went to try another because I was lazy T_T

I definitely wouldn't go back to the salon again!


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sailornoon x schoolgirl shoot♡

Hello guys! ^^

Sorry for the lack of updates. School is really killing me T_T

So, I recently had a shoot (actually it was a few weeks ago?) with Eleanor & Boon Eng!

Our theme was causal sailor moon ♡(*^^*)

I actually combined a seifuku ribbon with my Liz Lisa dress and blouse (*>∀<)ノ))★ 
For some strange reason, it ended up looking pretty sailormoonish^^

it was so hot that day! I think it was really stuffy inside the UCC cause they off the aircon. Thanks Eleanor for teaching me how to do gradient lips ( ´ ꒳ ` )ノ

I haven't got all the photos from the shoot yet but so far the ones Boon eng shot was super pretty!

We shot quite a lot of stuff that day, hence I forgot to take a photo with Eleanor hahaha ^^"

The only selfie we took together was when she changed into her cosplay and me into my seifuku:3

For some reason, it is so hard to edit the photo on blogger cause it keeps bringing me back to the top when I clicked on a new spot to write.>.<

So this shall be a super short update!


Miki (///ω///)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Love Live! Cafe Maid Awakened Shoot ^^

Hello everyone!

Recently, Eleanor and I cosplayed Love live! as Nico and Kotori~!

Zhenwei was out photog for the day ^^  He did a really good job xD

It was my first time having a night shoot, it was really fun xD

Thank you Toonyi for helping out too (with the mist and my heavy props) :3

 We were so tired out by the end that we forgot to take a selfie TAT

Here are the photos:

Im really grateful for the past years that we could do shoots and cosplay together! And the chances to be shot by Zhenwei's awesome photog skills ;3 All these experiences are really memorable n.n

I hope there are more chances like this in the future~


Im selling this Kotori costume! for $120 for the full set (mic included) ;3 (shoes, socks excluded)  Do email me if you are interested to get it :3

For people residing in Singapore only.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Let’’s Play Pokemini !(^3^)!

Hello guys~!! ^^
Since my holidays started, I have been lazing at home/going for shoots/ going out occasionally xD
So with the amount of things running low to do, I turned to my otome games
But.. my money is limited so I had to find other forms of entertainment ;3
 And then one day I was introduced to the game Pokemini~!
I was really attracted to the cute graphics and the background music of the game (The instrumentals are really pleasant to the ear^^)
It gives out the really relaxed feel when playing the game~ a very good way to de-stress too hehe


Basically, Pokemini  by Cocone Corporation, is a game where not only you interact with people in a social community, you can also express your creativity through things like:
-Dressing up
-Spin Gachas
 -Designing your own planets
-Visiting other Mini’s planets
-Chatting with them in forums and 1 on 1 chat
-Entering fashion competitions! (ω<)

Before I played Pokemini, I played Line Play and I can say that these two games are similar in terms of enabling users to visit each other at their homes, dress up, spin gachas.
But! What makes it stand out is the super duper cute graphics and the amount of really items in the stores and Gacha that are released almost every week T_T *dies of cuteness overdose*
It makes me want to buy all the items T.T Not enough doughnuts sadly
Another special event are fashion competitions that allow you to earn more doughnuts as well as being able to enter them based on themes
You earn tickets to enter by voting~!

This is the introductory story I found it super cute! So in another galaxy, I can have my own mini me xD

Hence doughnuts are the money in Pokemini ^^

Getting started: Choosing your Mini etc. ( )

So this is the page where you choose your character’s basic appearance
You can change them later, no worries :3
I really love the eyes *_*
 Look at how big and moe it looks (sadly my eyes are not like that in real life TAT)

So many different makeup looks! :3 I love how you can also choose different mouths to change your emotions hehe
They had the -_- face too ():*:

Free gifts if you log in everyday! (*≧∀≦*) Without this I don’t think I can get Gumball tickets for my items in the Gacha
*Ps: If you log in and connect your Pokemini account to Facebook, you get 1500 doughnuts when you start! ^^*

Home screen- The stars at the extreme left represent your experience points when you level up, the middle fork and knife is your hunger level and the doughnuts at the far right is your “money” :3
The galaxy is super pretty right? xD <3
I am level 19 now so am quite far in the galaxy~

For your welcome message, you can type in whatever language you want and add in cute emoticons too ^^v
Click save and you are ready to start!
Super easy ;3

Now for the.. makeover! \^o^/
I’m a shopacholic when it comes to cute clothes xD
So in Pokemini I was going crazy over the amount of designs they have!!
Look at the pony ω) It’s too cute T____T
I ended up getting a yukata though :3
The pink hair was from some Gacha~

Final look ʕʔ

Fashion show! You are allowed to vote and enter too :3

The interior of planets my friends have decorated-

and so much more! ^w^

Moving on to Gacha!
I think this is my favourite part of the game ;3
I spent almost half an hour browsing through the tons of gacha available!
They have Alice in Wonderland, Cyber, Sweet pastel, Victorian themes etc etc. n.n
The best thing is that they update new themes frequently so you wouldn’t ever get bored of the same items!

Preview of the items in the Gacha- you can also access and try them on at the Shop ^^

Current July’s Gacha :3 One word to describe- Cute! φ(ω*)・゚:* 

Can you believe it? this is only 1/100 of what you see ^^

Another thing about Pokemini is you can go on discussion forums and chat with people, roleplay and talk about interests like art music games anime, movies, sports, cooking etc. (^///^)

I chatted with a couple of friends through 1 on 1 chats and they are all super nice *_*


Pros of the game:
- Really very cute items and Minis!! I honestly am in love with the graphics because everyday something new awaits you and these designs have so many fantasy themes to play around!
- Gameplay is very simple and easy to understand with all the features accessible in the Home page button (good for blur people like me) ^^;
-         Levelling up was easy because you can earn stars through visits and completing mini tasks ^^

-         I also got to chat with some friends that love fashion as much as I do ;3

-         I also love visiting random people’s houses especially those seasoned ones to get inspirations on how to design my planet!

-         For fashion lovers, you can mix and match different looks to enter competition and earn doughnuts~!

-         Soundtrack is super relaxing ^^ I can fall asleep to that music  ( )

Cons of the game:
- The doughnuts ran out pretty quickly T_T I do wish there were more doughnuts though considering the truckload of cute dress up items/planet customizations/furnitures available at the shop~ 
-         Despite tasks provided to level up, the rewards could have been more. (ie. More gumball tickets n.n)

I can see myself playing this game from time to time because my favourite thing is really dressing up and decorating ;3
It is not overly difficult to play and the graphics are also very attractive and cute! :*・゚(●´●):*・゚

*Satisfied face after playing* hehe (*´ω*)

Click on the link below to start playing Pokemini!

*download link*

Please add me! My username is Mikikitten n_n

Hope to see you there! :3

Disclaimer: Screenshots belongs to Cocone Corporation
Pic credits for widgets :



Sunday, April 5, 2015

Japanese Cultural Night @NUS!


I’m back from Kyoto n_n Really didn’t want to come back because I miss the weather, food and the pretty scenery >.< I actually like the pace of life there, much slower for a sloth like me xD
Anyway, I attended Japanese Studies Society ‘s  annual Japanese Cultural Night! ;3
This year theme is The Story Of Dreams (夢物語)
They had a lot of traditional mixed subculture performances by Koto, Buyo, Pika Pika Meido Cafe,wotagei (lightstick dance),  Bands as well as solo singers ^^  My favourite was God Knows performed by the bands
Pictures! I apologize for the bad quality>w< because I used a phone to take this & sat at the very last row Q.Q
With Kyoko! ;3 hehe she is currently on exchange in NUS for one semester. I met her when I was exchange in Ritsumeikan xD 可愛いでしょう?w
Pika Pika Meido Cafe! ♥ They are so cute ヽ(;▽;)ノ Their fans were screaming and waving lightsticks (a first)
FullSizeRender (1)
Group shot at the end!! (`・ω・´)”
FullSizeRender (2)
 Bands from NUS CAS , they are the ones performing God Knows! ;3 Was so happy when they performed it (Last time I sang it was in a karaoke  which was in Japan.. TWT)

FullSizeRender (3)

Koto(☆^O^☆) I really really like the songs they play, feels somewhat like guzhen in Chinese culture!
FullSizeRender (5)
 Buyo! ;3
They had a lucky draw and top 3 winners get capital land vouchers //envious// (’-’*)
Finally a shot with Simin and Hweebin~!


I didnt take much photos because a lot of them cmi so these are the best I have. I also got lazy to take at the end xD^^; You can go to JSS’s facebook page if you want to view the full album :3
Ending off with a neko poseლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Miki ^^