Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lolita Photoshoot with Eleanor (。◕ ∀ ◕。)

Hi everyone! ^^

Sorry for the long hiatus~ 。・゚(´pωq`)゚・。

Anyway, I recently did a photoshoot with Eleanor and her sister Evangeline!

We went as Hime Lolitas for Cosfest so we decided to do a proper photoshoot at Botanic Gardens! ^^ Am so grateful to Eleanor's sister for being our photographer for that day~

Eleanor 's blog:  (^///^)

Wanted to make sure no one steals the photos w/o permission so excuse the very obvious watermarks ;3


Changed my wig cause it's a little boring to reuse the same one x3 But.. the fringe was too stiff!!
I would prefer bangs though!
Hehe love the Victorian filter Eleanor added to the photos, its so pretty! xD

My eyemake up that day was lighter~  I prefer heavier makeup though because they emphasis huge eyes for lolita! 

Added a disney like filter effect~

My individual picture ;3 Really love this shot! ^^

After shoot~!

So tired by then! Super hot sun and spent walking around= tired and grumpy x3

Owarimasu!! (*´ω`*)



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